Buhari Begs Kidnappers to Release Greenfield Students


Muhammadu Buhari, the President and Chief Commander of the Armed Forces in Nigeria has resolved to begging the kidnappers of the Greenfield students to have them released.

What happened to him being the chief commander of the armed forces if he knew he would be begging criminals and not hunt them down. What happened to organizing a task force to track these kidnappers down and retrieve the students. If this doesn’t work out, how about getting an expert in negotiation to negotiate with the kidnappers in order to get the students back to safety especially since they had killed some of these students making the situation more serious?

There have been several cases where American citizens were kidnapped in Nigeria and in no time, a special task force from America infiltrated our country on a rescue mission which proved successful. Nigeria wasn’t even aware that a task force from another country infiltrated ours until the mission was over.

But in Nigeria, if the armed forces plan to comb an entire area, they will make it known to the entire public days before they do so and this makes it easy for bandits and kidnappers to always be several steps ahead of them.

So, if this is the best Buhari, a president of an entire country can do for these students (beg the kidnappers) then Nigerians are officially in trouble. What are your thoughts on this?

No task force, No negociating expert, nothing!

The parents of these kidnapped students must be going through a lot.

The rate at which the business of kidnaping is growing in nigeria is quite alarming. I think we have come to a point where we should accept that buhari cannot do anything for us.

Know this and know peace