British High Commissioner Promises to Deny Nigerians UK Visas if 2023 Election is Rigged


*“Another thing we will be doing is to remind people that if people do incite violence or act violently, we will be prepared to deny them visas to the UK. We will make that statement clear and say it over again.”

This statement was made when the commissioner had a chat with Vanguard.

when asked on the expectations for Nigeria’s 2023 elections, she believes that the upcoming 2023 election is crucial to Nigeria and the entire Africa.

She further advised Governor Wike and Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, to cement their legacies on a positive note by ensuring peaceful 2023 elections in Rivers State.

"It doesn’t have to be a perfect election, there would be problems, but we want it to be better than the last one. We want it to be secure, peaceful, the process should be run well, and you need to get people to register.

On her choice of candidates, she pointed out that two younger presidential candidates, both with female vice-presidential candidates would be her ideal candidate.

Well, it would be difficult for one to disagree with what Catriona Laing said about Nigeria and it’s upcoming elections. Especially, with her choice of ideal candidate.

A young president might have more energy and brain power to do and accomplish more than a old and wrinkled one, and for once, if Nigerians can opt for a young president, perhaps there will be real change.

Do you also agree with this?

What are you expectations or premonition towards the 2023 election?