Brace For Traffic Jam As Third Mainland Bridge Will Be Closed For Six Months For Maintenance

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mr Olukoya Popoola disclosed on Monday that the Third Mainland Bridge will be closed for maintenance work starting from July 24, 2020.

The Third Mainland Bridge which happens to be the longest bridge connecting Lagos to the mainland was recently closed for maintenance, but this only lasted for three days because it was just an investigative maintenance check.

However, this time, the bridge might be closed for a longer period, although the duration of this repair was not disclosed, people believe that it might be up to six months because of the unavoidable repairs that must be done on the worn out joints on the bridge. Lagosians are still very concerned on how this will slow or even restrict their movement around Lagos.

This bridge has been shut down severally in the past for maintenance, but at the end, we don’t see any major repairs done. Will it be different this time?

What kind of work is maintenance work? Is it to apply a fresh coat of asphalt or this will involve some structural work?