Black Man Shot in the Back Seven Times After Breaking Up a Fight…. Was He Racially Profiled or Not?

A 29 year old man identified as Jacob Black was shot severally in the back in the presence of his children on Sunday Evening.

A video surfaced online as an evidence to this shooting. The video shows how two police officers accompanied Jacob to his car and as he reached into his car, one of the officers grabbed his shirt and a total of seven gunshots were heard as the officers fired into the vehicle while his children were sitting in the car.

Jacob was airlifted to a Milwaukee hospital where he is receiving treatment and he’s in a state that can be considered as a serious but stable state.

Eyewitness on the scene of the shooting described the actions of Jacob as ‘doing the same job a police does’ as he had just broke up a fight between two girls and was returning to his car to get his kids when the police who were called to the scene of the fighting decided to shoot this unharmed black man in front of his kids.

The actions of the police to this young black man, has once again turn protesters into the streets just like they did for George Floyd who died from police brutality. These protesters who are asking for white people and the police to act like their lives matter are actively protesting in Kenosha to put a stop to this.

If you have seen the video, I don’t believe there was any treat that could have led to the shooting of this man. He reached into his car but before he could bring out anything, he was shot. Not even a warning shot in the leg, a continuous shooting that could have put an end to his life.

I believe this is the result of racial profiling. The police officers saw him as a black man who was a threat just for being black and gunned him down for no reason. Or what other way can you analyze this situation?

Were the cops racist or not? Were they right to have gunned down an unarmed black man that way?

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