Biden's Win Finalized Despite The Siege At The Capitol Hill

Its no news what happened at the US capitol yesterday.

From the events of things that happened in the US, I believe that it is safe to say that Trump’s supporters are more loyal to him than to the Country itself.

The riot that took place at the Capitol and at the expense of a 4 persons lives was nothing more than to stop the validation of Joe Biden’s win. The riot can be seen as the deep and widening rift between the US Republican and Democratic Party.

The riot which took place and caused the vandalization of the Capitol Hill was based on the attempt to stall the certification of the election results after there have been several insertion that the election results were falsified, but to their dismay, the US congress finalized Joe Biden’s electoral victory over Donald Trump.

Hours after the riot took place and the police were finally able to gain control, Trump gave a press release to accept defeat and asked for the protesters to calm down and to declare what an honor it was to serve the people of America.


Is it ok to assume that Trump instigated the riot? Should Trump be blamed for this?

Is it possible that Joe Biden being in office can cause more riots or problems to arise during his tenure?

Is it possible that our very own Buhari will also find it difficult to leave the office just like Trump?