Bandits Reveal The Reason For Their Operations In Nigeria

Is this true? Do you believe this?
Did Nigeria really abandon them? If so, is that enough reason to take up arms and lay waste to other people’s lives? Why not go after the Government themselves instead of attacking ordinary civilians? And to think they have been operating for this long in Nigeria without knowing what they are fighting for until now nor reaching out to them to put a stop to this menace.

Is it possible that the government will pay more attention to this and focus more on northerners, herders and cattle rearers by providing schools, healthcare system and other amenities to aid their survival? Or will this die down and no one will ever revisit this matter again?

Let me know your thoughts on this.

For me, government needs to hold responsible because they are the one’s that set them up and allow them to operate. They are the master planners behind this terrorists.
How would you expect a terrorist that you provide arms to give up his/her arms when you no longer paying them or providing for them.
There is no justification for killing or kidnapping an innocents school children in the aim of government has abandoned you. If Government failed to act quickly by providing them with a better life, Nigeria may be a new home for terrorists.

Of course, there has been quite a number of conspiracy theories that the government is responsible for funding terrorist and playing heroes at the end of the day. But, is this claim true? Of course, it is more convenient for Nigerians to believe that the government is behind this, but what prove do we have?