Baba Ijesha Risks Life Imprisonment for Sexual Assault; Is this a Fair Punishment or Not?


Following the sexual assault perpetuated by Baba Ijesha on a minor, the Lagos State has proposed a five-case charge to be brought against him. These charges include a sexual assault which is punishable by life imprisonment.

Quite a number of people have reacted to this new development and while some supported this charges and the punishment that comes with it, others criticized the possible life imprisonment as they tagged it as being too harsh.

Now, the question is;

With the video evidence he has against him, do you think he has a chance to evade this charge and the life imprisonment punishment that comes with it?

Does the life imprisonment punishment seem harsh for sexual offenders or is it the perfect punishment for them?

Anything done to a sexual offender is never too much. In this case, baba ijesha deserves the life imprisonment so that no one gets to be a victim of him.

No 14 year old should have to go through what he made that girl go through.