Assault on Ikeja Electric Staff Sends Man to Jail

The 60-year old man who assaulted this Ikeja Electric staff must have thought he can get away with it just like most people do when they assault ‘NEPA’ staff.

But NO! Unlike NEPA, Ikeja Electric is a private company and they seem to be concerned about their staff unlike most public or Government owned corporations.

Under NEPA, their officials were sometimes beaten and assaulted by angry mobs whenever there is a disagreement or an attempt to disconnect a community’s power line from the source and in most times than none, nothing is done about this.

I believe that this inhumane act will gradually come to an end now that the sentencing of this man to 6 months imprisonment will send a message to others who also engage in this.

What do you think about this?

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Well, I think there should be an understanding of the fact that Ikeja Electric is an utility business that has the right to disconnect the house of any defaulters from the national grid. Hence, a need for customers or users of electricity to maintain decorum whenever their staff are on duty.

The cases of assault on staff of power supply company are not new in Nigeria.

In April, 2020 during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, an electricity worker was on a routine duty at the residence of prepaid meter users to disconnect their line based on the fact that they have a year long outstanding to settle. What happened to the man was terrible. Can you imagine how he was mobbed by around 30 people? Read the full story here:

It is rather unacceptable for any customer to assault an utility company worker no matter what might have transpired between the two of them. The assault committed by a 60 year old folk is a display of gross immaturity, absolute indiscipline and sheer wickedness.

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