Armed Christians/ Churches in Southern Kaduna…..Is this a good makeshift solution or Not?

Since the Federal Government and armed soldiers haven’t really done much to stop the senseless killings, abduction and bloodshed in southern Kaduna, people have opted to making the church and the christians armed themselves with guns and ammunitions in order to protect themselves from the perpetrators of the insecurity Kaduna is experiencing every day.

They are urging pastors to use the offerings and tithe contributed in church to buy arms to defend themselves.

To some, this opinion might be extreme, but to the people whose live are constantly in danger every day, this might actually be the most reasonable solution for them to protect their lives and properties.

I don’t think this is a bad idea. Imagine the fulani headsmen walking into a church service just to kill Christians, but because churches have now acquired arms, everyone reaches under their seat and pulls out a gun in a counter attack. It will create fear and they’ll think twice before their next attack.

I really think that guns should be legalized in Nigeria.

This might be the best solution for the people in southern Kaduna to fight back since the government is not really helping with the persistent insecurity that has engulfed the state.

Will arming the Christians and churches over there serve as a reliable solution to the problem or not?

What else do you think the people of Kaduna can do to protect themselves and eventually put a stop to the violent attacks?