Armed Attack At Political Meeting in Ondo

On Sunday evening some political thugs reportedly attacked the supporters of Ondo State Governor, during a meeting in his hometown Igboroko.

The thugs were said to have stormed the venue of the meeting by shooting and destroying vehicles branded with the inscription “Akeredolu for second term.”

This incident disrupted the meeting as people ran for their lives. Some people got hit with stray bullets, though, fortunately, it was confirmed that no lives were lost.

  1. Does violence really solve any problem? Does shooting at people and destroying government properties change the way politicians operate? What if the other party (ies) responds with violence?

  2. What is the best possible way to ask a governor to step down and not run for second term?

  3. Can Nigerian politics be without violence? We keep seeing this at almost ever rally

  4. Is there a way a good man can vie for an elective office without violence? Will he be able to win?

  5. Is there a political party that is devoid of violence, or is there one that has more violence?

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