Are You Disappointed in Buhari?

The Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose attested to the fact that Nigerians are disappointed in Buhari. Of course, we know that this statement won’t change anything but Ithink that it is very important for the president of this nation to know that it’s citizens are highly disappointed in him.
Former Governor Fayose didn’t fail to express further that Buhari’s administration came with failed promises. Promises that were made through his manifesto but were never implemented. Promises like:

1.The ban on government officials from going abroad for medical treatment. Buhari himself failed this one. As of may 2018, he went to the UK a number of times to treat an ailment that was never disclosed.
2. The creation of 3million jobs per year was also a woeful one. I’m sure that there are more unemployed people in Nigeria than there were when Buhari was elected.
3. The revival of the Abeokuta steel factory is also a huge failure.
4. Also, making Naira stable in the international market is nothing to write home about.

With all these and many more, I don’t think Nigerians stand a chance to not be disappointed in Buhari and his administration. If you agree with this, feel free to drop reasons why you are disappointed in his administration.

Or do you have a contrary opinion to this? If you do, kindly drop the reasons why Nigerians shouldn’t be disappointed in the comment section.

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