Are The Europeans Still Trying To Depopulate Africa By Keeping Out The Vaccines?

The arrival of the covid-19 vaccine was said to arrive in Nigeria by January ending, but here we are in February, and still no trace of the vaccine. Of course one shouldn’t be shocked as it is the Nigerian Government we are dealing with. The same Government that denies killing its youths while there was blood and video evidence to proof that it happened.

More people are getting infected by the day and I believe that the question that needs to be asked is… How does the Nigeria Government plan to save its people now that the UN thinks that Africa is getting behind with the vaccination and the vaccines still haven’t arrived.

Can Nigeria as a country even stand on its own and attempt to create the vaccine??

It was reported that about 70 million of the vaccine has been administered and out of these 70 million, less than 20 thousand of these vaccines were only administered to Africans.

Perhaps, the vaccines wasn’t meant to depopulate Africans, the lack of the vaccines was meant to.

Asides the preventive measures that the Nigerian Government keeps screaming into our ears everyday, there’s nothing else to put an end to the spread of the virus.

So, what then could be the reason for the lack of vaccines? I know Africans were skeptical about getting vaccinated at first, but what if they really keep the vaccines from getting to us at all and Africa might finally be depopulated due to the lack of the vaccine? Can this be true or is this just a paranoid observation?

What do you think about this?

Please safe safe and use all preventive measure.

For me, no one is trying to destabilize the population. But to be sincere, Nigeria’s government are not helping matters at all. In country , where the citizen feared the government that the outsider, what do you think about the country ?
Unless, the Nigeria government had a hidden agenda for the arrival of the vaccine, maybe they want to hoard it as covid 19 palliatives, Nigeria government should wake up and helps their citizens in needs of their matters, they should direct and helps to keep its citizens safe.