Another Wave of Lockdown in Lagos?

Although, the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-olu discarded rumors of another lockdown in Lagos State, several recent impositions on the residents of the state shows that another lock down might be around the corner.

This recent impositions includes the immediate closure of schools until further notice, civil servants are to work from home until further notice and a restriction has been placed on large gatherings, religious activities, parties and so on.

All these was as a result of the increased cases of covid-19 in the state and the efforts being put to curb it.

The Governor also stated that another lockdown cannot be afforded in this recession, so we must find a way to balance in with the new development while ensuring or safety.

It was also stated that punishment will be melted on anyone who doesn’t obey and adhere to the covid-19 prevention rules.

But, isn’t this another lockdown over again? Do you think that a lockdown might become our everyday reality as the virus is still largely at loose?