Another Nigerian Tints Nigeria in the US

Olumide Ogunremi, a 43 year old man has been sentenced to prison in the United States for targeting government employees and hacking their email systems.

He was involved in the cyber crime of using their email credentials and names to fraudulently order office products and resell them on the black market after they had repackaged them
This act went on for about 5 months before he fled to Canada after he had conned the vendors of about a million dollars.

The rates at which Nigerians are committing fraud is almost uncontrollable. This is not the first time a Nigerian has been sent to prison for committing fraud.

In fact it is now a world-wide issue that Nigerians can’t be trusted because of the crime rates of Nigerians in foreign countries. Take a look at the case of Hush puppi which completely tinted the integrity of Nigerians in Dubai.

The only question that needs to be asked is … How do we regain our integrity?