An Explanation Behind the Hoarded Covid-19 Palliatives

I believe that it’s no news that masses broke into several warehouses across Nigeria and carted away with food items that were meant to be given to them during the lockdown.

There were reports of this act in several states as people went there in masses to partake of their palliatives. The photos and video evidence to prove this brought nothing but shock to Nigerians.

It was quite appalling to know that that amount of food items were kept away from people whereas hunger was the order of the day during the lock down.

After these warehouses were looted, several speculations on why these palliatives were not distributed in time began to arise, some governors denied the fact that they hoarded the palliatives, others said that the palliatives were stored to be repacked before distribution.

Well, Nigerians didn’t buy their excuse and believe that the palliatives were stored up so that it will be used as a campaign strategy during elections.

What page are you on in respect to the looted palliatives? Were they really hoarded for selfish interest, or they were just stored up to be repackaged and then distributed?

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