America Infiltrates Nigeria to Rescue its Citizen

Campaign Technique or not?

Its true that the middle east and Africa can be categorized as one of the dangerous places on earth with more terrorist movements, corruption and kidnapping than ever before.

A group suspected to be the al-Qaida kidnapped a US citizen and demanded for a ransom in southern Niger, Nigeria and the US government wasted no time in forming a task force to go in and extract their citizen who is said to be in safe hands now.

This shows a lot of differences between the Nigerian military and the US military. I think that it reinforces the fact that the Nigerian Military is sub standard and only cares about brutalizing youths than ensuring safety.

It also shows that the security defenses of Nigeria are weak, as another country infiltrated ours and was able to rescue the victim while Nigeria was still yet to know that a non-citizen was in danger.

This in no doubt shows that US values the life of its citizens either home or abroad but at the same time, this move is suspected to be a campaign strategy for Donald Trump to show how much he cares of the people of the United State of America and why he should be voted in for the second time.

So, whats your take on this?