Alleged CIA Spy Executed In Iran

A former employee of the defense ministry was executed in Iran following a conviction of spying on behalf of the United States.

Reza Asgari was said to have worked in the Airspace Department of the Defense Ministry before retiring in 2016. He was convicted on the crimes of selling information about Iran’s missiles to the CIA. He was then tried, convicted and sentenced to death.

Despite the oppositions of Human Right Activists, people are still being sentenced to death as a punishment for their crimes in several countries like North Korea, Nigeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and even in the United States amongst many others.

And while countries like the United States employs a more civilized method of putting their criminals to rest by lethal injection, some counties like Saudi Arabia publicly beheads people with a sword according to the shari’ah law, while Nigeria and Iran employs the process of hanging its convicts on the gallows.

What is your take on capital punishment? Do you think a death sentence is well deserved to its convicts or it is quite extreme?

What crime do you think is most suitable for a death sentence?