Allah's Punishment, Nigeria's Remedy To The Problem Of Gunmen On The Abuja-Kaduna Highway

I wonder if this is the best the Government can do.

16 people were gunned down in cold blood and the Nigerian Government believes that praying for Allah to punish them is the solution to the problem.

The Abuja-Kaduna Expressway is fast becoming a danger zone as people lose their lives to the hands of kidnappers, Gunmen and even terrorists.

Just a month ago, about 2 people were kidnapped and 5 others killed on that same highway and now history has repeated itself again with 16 people gunned down for nothing on Thursday.

This is very sad. Of course, God’s help is very much needed, but positioning more troops on the high way could be a possible way out.

Legalizing guns so that everyone can be armed for self defense is also another possible solution. Organizing air patrols on that high way might also keep terrorists off the road, but no, Abdullahi Ganduje, the Governor of Kano State somewhat believes that praying for Allah to punish them and not finding ways to hunt them down is fair enough.