Age Limit To Job Seekers In Nigeria?

The age limit that has been placed on people who are job hunting has been a huge barrier in attaining employment. This often makes Nigerians to falsify their ages to meet up with the requirement of their employers as their age must have surpassed the age limit because of the numerous numbers of years it took them to get a job.

The age limit has also prevented a number of skilled and qualified people from getting their dream job. This discrimination was pointed out by the Senate as they make a move on how to change the age limit.

The Nigerian Senate was called to a meeting by Senator Gobir to pressurize the Federal Government concerning the age limit of job seekers in Nigeria. The senate President, Ahmad Lawan is also in huge support of this as well as they hope that this motion will be passed into law.

What are your thoughts on the age limit allocated to job seekers? Do you think the removal of the age limit will increase the rate of employment in Nigeria?

What has been your experience on job hunting so far? Have you ever been rejected because of your age?