Abba Kyari: An Exceptional Police Officer

It is not every time we hear of police officers who genuinely fight against criminals in Nigeria. It’s no news that most of the police officials in Nigeria have no skills nor the courage to face criminals, but this particular officer has a list of achievements when it comes to fighting against crime.

Abba Kyari’s success in the police force includes the arrest of major crimes syndicates like;

  1. Evans who’s was a notorious kidnapper in Lagos.
  2. Another Notorious kidnapper known as White Vampire in Owerri, Imo State.
  3. The killer of the former Chief of Defence staff, Air Vice Alex Badeh.
  4. Several Boko-Haram Commanders, including bomb makers and those responsible for the kidnap of the Chibok girls.
  5. The arrest of the deadly Offa Bank robbers that invaded Ofa town in Kwara and a lot more.

Abba Kyari has also been recognised by the state house of assembly for his outstanding performance. His most recent arrest is that of the alleged killers of Mr. Audu and his son as well as one other colleague.

Mr Audu who was a medical doctor until his death was travelling from Taraba to Abuja with his son on march 10, 2019 when they were kidnapped by the suspected criminals. The criminals were said to have collected N7.5million from the family of the victims and still went ahead to kill them before burying them in a shallow grave. The two assailants involved in this crime have been charge to court.


  1. How can police newbies be wired or trained to be like Abba Kyari ? Do you think it is the training he received from the police academy that made him this good ? or what do you think made him this exceptional in the police force ?

  2. Is there still hope for our Nigerian police to be more effective when it comes to arresting criminals ? because amidst the good things we here about some exception officers there are a lot of irresponsible and corrupt driven police officials whose major purpose as a police man/woman is to collect bribes.

  3. What are the technological advancements that should be incorporated into the police force that will help to identify criminals faster ? Does our police force even have forensic units ?

Let’s know what you think of all these.

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