A woman Cannot Become the Nigerian President Now... Fayemi

The wife of Ekiti State Governor, Mrs Fayemi gave a number of reasons why a woman cannot emerge as the president of Nigeria during an event organized by the “Above Whispers Media Foundation” in partnership with the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) to promote her new book, “Where Is Your Wrapper?” to commemorate World Book Day 2021 in Ado Ekiti on Friday.

She acknowledged that a Female is ready to become the president of Nigeria due to the resources knowledge through feminism that have been made available. But a female president cannot yet arise iin the Nigeria due to the country’s hostile political mindset and environment.

She stated that those in the position of leadership and authority are every ready to keep the female gender out of leadership positions and roles.

Being a feminist, she showed her support to all well-mannered feminists all over the nation and encouraged young writers to keep writing and provide awareness through it.

Well, what Mrs Fayemi said is not far from the truth. Perhaps, Nigeria is ready for a female president, but we might never see that as those in power are yet to come to terms with it. It is a lot more difficult for women to climb the ropes of power, and even if changes to this are becoming visible in other countries like America, such is yet to be seen in Nigeria.

Do you think Nigeria can have a female president soon?

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