A Northern Governor, the Leader of Boko Haram?

An information has allegedly been gotten from the former high commanders of the boko haram terrorist group which depicts that the leader of the Boko Haram is one of the Northern States Governor.

This information was shared while the former deputy governor of the central bank of Nigeria, Obadiah Mailafiya, was speaking on the insecurity in southern Kaduna in an interview on radio.

He also went ahead to justify this based on the governments reaction towards the killing. He believes that the state government has a hand in the killings occurring in Kaduna.

Well, Nigerians have always suspected that the government has something to do with the funding of the boko haram, do you also believe this?

If so, what are the pointers that led you to believe that the government is supporting the boko haram insurgents in a way?

Which of the northern governors would you suspect to be the perpetrator of this evil act?