A Crisis Deadlier Than Covid-19 To Happen In Years To Come

Bill Gates, the co-Founder of Microsoft took to his blog as he states the possible global crisis that will prove to be much more fatal than the current pandemic.

Bill Gates believes that climate change will eventually become a global crisis to both our environment and the entire human race although not now, but in years to come.

Bill Gates stated that this change in climate which will be identified by its higher temperature will be five times more catastrophic and will make any solution for it difficult to attain.

He also predicted that the statistics of deaths from this future global crisis will be much more higher compared to the deaths due to covid-19.

In his blog, he made his readers understand that the emission of carbon is the major cause of climate change and that the whole world has been emitting billions of tons of carbon waste yearly.

He also made us understand that it took the earth to be on lockdown (through deaths and increase in unemployment) to get a reduction of 8% from the usual amount of carbon waste yearly.

To crown all these, the statement released by the billionaire is not to scare the masses but to enlighten and educate everyone and professionals in this field to hasten their efforts in researching and creating devices that will help to reduce the amount of our carbon waste.

Well, this is a lot to take in as it seems like the earth is in for jumping from one crisis to another.

As a tech professional in the energy industry, how can we reduce the amount of carbon waste that is released yearly?

What is the government of each nation doing about this issue?

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