8 Months Later, Woman Arrested During #EndSars Protest Births a Baby in Prison

In the new post made by Omoyele Sowore, a former Presidential aspirant, Kemisola Ogunniyi, a young woman who was arrested on the 24th of October 2020 during the #endsars protest gave birth to a baby while still locked up at the Surulere Prison in Ondo State.

@RotimiAkeredolu Kemisola Ogunniyi just delivered a baby in prison. She was arrested in Akure during #Endsars, didn’t commit any offence, only going to the pharmacy for her mother @policeng arrested her, claimed she looks like #Endsars protesters who burnt @OfficialAPCNg office.
The green cloth on the table is the same she being wearing in prison
Kemisola has been imprisoned at Surulere prison in ondo state since October 24th 2020!

In short, it’s been 8 months since this woman has been locked up with no evidence to prove that she burnt the office of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as alleged by the police.

You must also be wondering why she was locked up for this long if they had no evidence. But this is the case in Nigeria at the moment, a person can be imprisoned without proper processing or even a trial.

Sowore has however began to sort for help for this woman as he called on Governor Akeredolu, the Governor of Ondo State, to look into the issue.

Do you really have faith in the justice system in Nigeria? Is there still hope for young Kemisola and her baby? Will her case be attended to?