'78 Farmers Were Killed Not 47'...... Shekau


Abubakar Shekau has released to video not only to claim ownership for the recent killings of the rice farmers but to also reveal the exact number of farmers that were killed.

The news flying around shows that about 43 to 47 farmers were killed, but the perpetrator of the act have come out to reveal the exact number of peoples head who met his blade.

Its no news that terrorists walk free and even upload videos in Nigeria. Its the sad reality we live in, but why did the Government lie about the number of people killed.

To what end would the concealing of the exact number of victims help them nor the country?

What are they doing about the

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May God help us and guide us in this country but am also asked why did our leaders are not faithful enough to declared the number of people or famers who who is deciving who?It mean s all bad incident that might happened in the past means every information given to the people is lying which means our leaders are not faithful enough as I said earlier may God continue to protect us in the country