70 years Age Limit For Presidency Rejected by Nigerian Representatives

The Nigerian House of Representatives, as expected, has rejected a bill to limit the age of those who would be legible to contest for presidency in Nigeria to 70 years.

This bill was brought up to support the ‘‘Not too young to run’’ bill as a way to also limit the old and give space to the younger generation, but it turns out that this bill is not good enough to be implemented as it was thrown out.

It is quite obvious that the Nigerian Government and even Africa at large is not ready to give the reins pf leadership to the younger generation. Although, a bill was signed to allow allow the young to run, but will the young rule?

It’s no news that majority of Africa’s Political Leaders are senior citizens. The aged rule Nigeria and i think that it is only fair that a age limit be put to this just as they also apply age limit to civil servants.

Perhaps, Nigeria will experience a better governance if the aged leaders are thrown out of office and the young ones take over. I don’t think this is a bad idea.

What is your opinion on this?