5-Year-Old Girl Raped To Death By Cousin

It has been reported that a five year old girl identified as Khadijah Saccoh has been raped to death by her cousin whom she resided with until her death in Sierra Leone.

Khadijah and her eight year- old sister had to live with their aunt following the separation of their parents. Her father who resides in America demanded for the custody of Khadijah but was denied by the judge because the mother was not in support.

Unfortunately for Khadijah and her elder sister, their aunt who knew about this abuse chose to quietly treat it without raising any alarm until the death of Khadijah which caused an enquiry into how she died after the aunt asked for permission to bury her.

A postmortem was carried out on her body which showed that she had been raped multiple times. This also became evident in her elder sister after a test was done on her too. Both aunt and son have been arrested has justice is being demanded for Khadijah.


Also in Nigeria, there has been several incidents of rape recently. You may recall the cases of Uwaila that was raped and killed in a church in Benin; Barakat Bello, Azeezat Shomuyiwa, and Grace Oshiagwu that were raped and killed in Ibadan.

This scorch is getting too much and the authorities really need to do something about it.

  1. What should be the appropriate punishment for rapists and pedophiles in Nigeria? Would death sentence deter rapist?

  2. How can we curb the rate of rape in Nigeria and the world at large? Are the police doing enough? If not, what do they need to be doing more? Will community policing help?

  3. How best do you think parents can protect their children from meeting with an unfortunate incident like rape?

  4. How best can parents bring up their kids so they don’t turn out to be rapists in future?

  5. What role can/should religious institutions play in curbing this menace?