48hrs Ultimatum for Escaped Inmates.... Obaseki

Its no news that hoodlums helped free prisoners that were locked up in the medium Security Correctional Centres on Sapele Road in Edo State.

Well, the Governor of Edo State has given these escaped prisoners 48hrs ultimatum to return to the prison or face the consequences.

Now, my question is, who will gain freedom and still willingly go back to captivity… no one right? Its quite funny that the governor would ask them to return instead of organizing a taskforce to find them.

I believe that this shows the incapacity of the Edo State Government to do things logically.

Escaped inmates means that people who have committed crimes are aren’t fit to live among people are back into the society, and they must be found by all means before they start committing those crimes again, but the Governor of Edo State believes that asking them to return is a better idea.

Well, let me know what you think in the comment section.

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