42 –year-old Chief of Staff Impersonator Arrested by the DSS

A 42-year-old man, Mohammed Price Momoh has been arrested by the Department of State Services (DSS) after impersonating the chief of state to president Buhari by posing has an aide in order to defraud another fellow Nigerian of 50 thousand dollars.

He was suspected of being a fraud and the appropriate authorities were called to handle the case, he was nabbed and then confessed to the crime.

The department of state services then admonished Nigerians to be careful of what they post on their social media and on the internet as their information can be harvested and used against them.


This shows the rising case of fraud and deeply rooted corruption in Nigerian. The world is beginning to see Nigerians as frauds and scammers as several cases of Nigerians scamming people in other countries are beginning to surface.

In fact, ‘yahoo yahoo’ which is a term commonly used for fraudulent boys is now being praised and adorned by youths in Nigeria. Our so called leaders loot and launder money every day, what then could be the way out of this generational mess?

How do you think Nigerian can be seen in a good light again?