41million Naira Spent On Website Reactivation: Is This Really Necessary?

The Niger State Government has recently approved the sum of 41million naira to be used to reactivate the states web portal which has not been functional. This information was revealed during a press briefing by Baba Aliyu, the state’s Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Science and Technology.

Aliyu also disclosed that the site has been reactivated and upgraded to function fully and that it would serve as a link between the state, Nigeria and the world.

However, in an attempt to confirm if the amount of money spent on the website was really worth it, it has been discovered that Niger State government website is just one website on a single server which uses a liquid web with the cheapest plan of $190, an equivalent of N73,000, per annum and the most expensive plan for about $10,000 an equivalent of N3.8 million, per annum.

Although, Aliyu confirmed that only 7 million Naira has been used, it is unclear where the rest of the money is or what it will be spent on.


  1. Wasn’t N41 million too much to be allocated to a website ? Recall the the former governor of Lagos State was also alleged to have spent a huge sum of money on website development. Is this huge expenditure on so-called website development another scheme for politicians to divert money into their pockets ?

  2. Shouldn’t the government have diverted that money to other pressing needs that will improve the welfare of the people? I don’t know what the cost of sinking a borehole is in Niger State, but could that money not have been judiciously used in providing potable drinking water for some rural folks?

  3. Perhaps the website has features that make it worth that amount. Does anyone know what the website is supposed to have?

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