300 Schoolgirls Kidnapped by Unidentified Bandits in Northern Nigeria

It was reported that over 300 school girls were adopted by unidentified bandits in the North of Nigeria. Since then, the Zamfara State Police have been involved in a search for this girls and the entire Nation is yet to get an update on it.

Meanwhile, the possibility of this happening is impossible without an extreme form of organization. I mean, we are talking about hundreds of people. How difficult is it to hid them? Yet bandits will raid schools, take hundreds of students until ransom is paid without being caught. How possible?

What happened to all the check points that we have to stop by and bribe police officers? What happened to all the task forces that was said to have been created?

Apparently, kidnapping is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Instead of going after kidnappers, the Nigerian Government prefers to sit down and negotiate the ransom involved which will obviously be used to purchase more weapons and initiate more people into banditry.

In conclusion, we have too much policing and less security in Nigeria. Be safe!