3 Weeks Of Grace For Nigerians With Expired Visas In The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates through the Nigerian embassy has specifically called out Nigerians with expired visas to leave the country within the grace of three weeks.

Provisions have been made by the federal government of Nigeria to evacuate Nigerians who are over there before the lapse of the time grace granted to them.

Although, it is the right thing to do for those with expired visas, Nigerians believe that this is related to the suspected fraud case by Abass Ramon who is also known as Hushpuppi. They believe that it is now a general believe that Nigerians cannot be trusted anywhere in the world due to the increase in crimes and fraud perpetrated by Nigerians who reside in other countries.

These believe is quite stereotypical. But, how do we get to change people’s perspective on how they see Nigerians in other countries?

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