22-year-old Singer Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy Against Prophet Mohammed

A 22-year-old singer Yahaya Aminu, has been sentenced to death according to the Northern Nigeria Shari’a law for allegedly blaspheming the prophet Mohammed.

He was said to have used derogatory words against the prophet in one of his songs and was tried and sentenced to death in a shari’a court in Kano state, Nigeria.

This has led to a worldwide debate to justify the sentence of the court. Several politicians and muslims have supported this sentence against the 22-year-old as a befitting punishment for the alleged blasphemy.

However, some Nigerians and the christian community have kicked against this act as they attest to the fact that nothing should warrant the death of any man especially if he didn’t take the life of another and that this should be a business between him and his God.

Several other religious heads and clerics have kicked against this sentence as an outrageous and extreme punishment for blasphemy as they believe that religion should teach peace and love and not lead to death.

This situation has also been weighed alongside the repentant Boko Haram insurgents who were forgiven and reintegrated into the society without any punishment. Nigerians believe that these former insurgents who were responsible for the death and displacement of many Nigerians in the north-east are more deserving of a death sentence than this 22-year-old singer.


What do you have to say about this?

Don’t you think the punishment awarded to his crime is extreme? What other punishment do you think is more deserving to his alleged crime under the shari’a law? Or should this be a matter between him and his God?