20-Year-Old Factory Worker Crushed To Death

Richard Gbadebo a 20-year-old was a contract worker for a Henkel detergent company in Ibadan until his demise.

He was about to end his night shift when a bag got stuck in one of the factory’s machine and he had to remove it. It was in the process of trying to untangle the bag from the machine that he got roped in it and was crushed to death by the machine.

His death has caused a lot of stir on the internet. It also sparked different questions and opinions on how factory workers meet with occupational hazards everyday while some meet with their death when working with machines used for mass production.

Richard’s death has also resulted into the questioning of the state of factory machines and if there’s any agency or body that does checks on these machineries to know if they are fit for use. This enquiry was noticed by the Oyo State Government through social media and they promised to look into it.


What are the agencies involved in inspecting the reliability of factory machinery in Nigeria or are there non?

If these agencies or bodies really exist, how well do you think these agencies do their job or do they just collect bribes and leave like most governmental agencies do in Nigeria?

Shouldn’t the authorities be investigating this accident?