2 Years Later..... Homosexuality Case Dismissed in Nigerian Court

Its no news that in Nigeria, same sex marriage is forbidden and can land any one involved up to 14 years in Prison. But these doesn’t mean that gayism doesn’t exist in Nigeria. In fact, it is even more common than expected.

However, since the law against homosexuality became official, there have been various intensified attempts on the part of the law enforcement agents to bring to justice any one suspected to be in the act.

This urge to carry out the law against homosexuals probably led to the raid of a party in a hotel in Egbeda Lagos, and about 57 men were arrested on the charges of having same sex relationships which led to the wait of over 2 years.

These men were eventually rid of their charges after the Judge dismissed the case. The exact reason for throwing out the case boils down to what the judge believes to be a 'lack of diligent prosecution’ which i also believe to be true.

What do you think about this case? Was the judge right to throw out the case?
What is your view on homosexuals? Should there be a law against them or they should be accepted as they are in the society?