180 Bodies With Gunshot Wounds to Their Heads Found In Burkina Faso

Nothing less than 180 bodies were found in fields, shallow graves and on the roadsides of Burkina Faso. It was also noticed that the bodies found had gunshot wounds to their head with blindfolded eyes and bound hands.

The very disturbing discovery showed that all the bodies found were male and could have been victims of government forces who are involved in mass extra judicial executions, ISIS or the al-Qaeda group who have been attacking Burkina Faso since 2017.

It isn’t clear which party is responsible for the death of the bodies found, but the Burkina Faso government claims it will investigate this.

Are we safe? It is true that people die every day but finding 180 bodies with gunshot wounds and bound hands obviously points to the fact that there is a greater force at play here. Could this have been retaliation against the people who serve as opposition against the government?

If at the end of the investigations, it shows that government forces where behind the death of this men, will justice be served?