11-Year Old Allegedly Kills 12-Year Old In South Africa

An eleven year old boy has recently been detained for allegedly stabbing a 12 year old boy to death in Borcherds, George, South Africa, on Wednesday.

The boy died after an argument ensued between him and the 11 year old when he sustained a stab injury on the neck. Paramedics who later appeared at the scene confirmed the boy dead.

The initial investigation made by the police showed that the victim and a boy had an argument and this led to the arrest of the boy after one of his parents took him to the police station on Wednesday.


In this case which seems like a first degree murder, will the boy if the boy be charged as an adult or a juvenile?

What would be the best course of action to be taken to reform this young child? Would the boy ever be reformed? Is there hope for him?

Is it just me or the violence in South Africa Is just too much?

How can parents/guardians properly train their children/wards to never see violence as a solution to anything, including winning arguments?

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